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We specialize on acrobatic, stunt and parkour performances of different scales that match event of every type whether that be a huge stadium activity or a restaurant gala event with a small sized stage. Our acrobats are able to amaze audience jumping with unbelievably high amplitude or perform acrobatics on the site with just 2-meter height ceilings impressing all the viewers.

Акробатическое шоу «А Ля RUS»
Акробатическое паркур - шоу

Grand shows with acrobats jumping high up to 5-6 meters! These perfomances were created to amaze viewers with the beauty of acrobatic art.

Акробатическое лазер - шоу «VERSUS»

First in the world and one of a kind acrobatic laser-show. VERSUS brings together high-tech solutions and top human abilities.

Акробатическое шоу «Бродвей»
Шоу на батуте «Vector»
Каскадерские номера

If your goal is to make a remarkable statement and to make your guests to distrust their own eyes – this show is for you.