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Acrobatic laser-show «VERSUS»

“VERSUS”. Presented at SOCHI 2014 Olympic Games it was an unbelievable success. “VERSUS” is the first in the world acrobatic laser show, a unique project. It took us 9 months to produce it; we worked with the best producers and engineers creating the first and only acrobatic parkour laser show. Our project brings together high-tech solutions and top human abilities. From the very first second you would be taken away to another world where human and technology exist together in perfect harmony.

The audience would be impressed seeing “VERSUS” characters controlling the whole laser nature and performing an unforgettable choreography.

Our performers pass through lasers like secret agents. Acrobatics in this project is as original as the whole performance. This show is no doubt the top of Bankai shows. Existing for just one year, “VERSUS” has already won hearts of viewers around the world.